What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

The question I get asked all the time is “What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures”. Well, guess what? I have some good news for you! You may see most of my website showcasing the ladies, but don’t be fooled.. I love to photograph the guys just as much.

When you’re thinking of what to wear for your guys senior pictures, it really comes down to what is your style and what do you feel the most comfortable in?

What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

Be “YOU”

One of my things that I say, time and time again, is that if you would wear it to Target, don’t wear it for your senior pictures! No, but seriously, you should choose a mix of styles that are you but also photograph well. When you’re deciding what to wear for guy senior pictures, I have a few suggestions. How about something that is more laid back and casual? For instance, a pair of your favorite jeans with a graphic tee, hoodie, and your favorite sneaks. Next, plan an outfit that is a little bit more polished say some thing that you would wear to a nice dinner or even a semi-formal dance. A super easy outfit is to incorporate something from your high school experience like your football helmet and jersey or even a full uniform.

hockey senior pictures for guys

If you have a favorite color, go ahead and incorporate it into your looks, but I highly recommend having some variety. Mix it up from outfit to outfit so you’re not basically wearing almost the same thing in every shot. For instance, if you like rich deep tones, go ahead and wear an all black outfit (like the pics shown below), but mix up the STYLE. If you’re wearing black jeans with a black hoodie, then in the next outfit, mix it up with the same black jeans but paired with a dress shirt. The overall look and feel of those two outfits will be completely different.

What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures
guys senior pictures in Los Angeles, California

I find that most people overthink what to wear for guys senior pictures. Simply put: be you, have fun, and don’t stress about it! The whole point of doing senior pictures is to show who you are at this moment. Grab your favorite items and just have some fun, and I promise, it will all work out! I’ve included a few examples from guy senior portrait sessions to get your ideas started!

Do you need some ideas of where to shop? Check out Zara, Tillys, and Asos just to name a few.

Inspiration : Guys Senior Pictures Outfit Ideas

outfit ideas for guy senior pictures
urban street photoshoot for guy senior pictures
guy senior photoshoot in Los Angeles California by photographer Tara Rochelle

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, are you ready to book your senior pics? I currently have a handful of summer dates still available and Fall is booking up quickly! Click here to book your Guys Senior Pictures.

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