November 16, 2007

Holiday Card Samples set 1

Here is the first set of the holiday card styles for this season. Most of the cards I am able to edit a bit with font styles and placement but some of the designs are really what you see is what you get. I have one more set that I will be loading shortly. All cards are sold in sets of 25 in your choice of metallic, watercolor, or standard papers. Envelopes are also included!!
The designs here only show one side so adding a full portrait on the reverse side is super popular. Especially in the 5×7 size cards because then the recipient can just flip it over and frame that image. They can look at and enjoy the card all year round instead of just putting it away until next year(or God forbid, throwing it in the trash)!! These are super cute for birthdays and other special announcements too. They don’t have to be used just during the holiday season! Check out some other fun card designs HERE

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  1. […] As promised, here is another set of holiday card designs. Hopefully I will be adding to the collection year after year. I also plan to incorporate some other design styles for birth announcements, graduation cards, etc… You can view more designs here […]

  2. […] even more to this years collection. Don’t forget that you can always use something from the previous year as […]

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