THE WORKS WORKSHOP is a jam packed full 2 day learning workshop for photographers. Although it is geared towards high school senior and teen photographers, the majority of the workshop would work for any portrait genres. During the 2 days, we will cover everything from client workflow systems to how to edit, retouch, and polish your images to perfection. Since Tara is know for her unique fashion styling and editorial inspired images, no workshop would be complete without 

plenty of shooting time to practice your newly learned techniques. THE WORKS WORKSHOP has 3 full shooting segments to include working with natural light and how to create modern studio light images. As an added bonus, Tara is hosting two bonus shooting segments on two different days for those who truly want to continue to learn and push themselves above and beyond the next level! 


The educational workshop that combines all the info you'd ever need and how to create kick a$$ images to go along with it.


There is a reason why I decided to call this workshop THE WORKS! It is a no holds barred,  information packed workshop of how I have built a hugely successful and profitable portrait business in Los Angeles for over 20 years.  It is for photographers that want to take their business above and beyond anybody else's, learning where you can change and evolve, and by putting in THE WORK! 

I am going to share with you every aspect of my business including how to build an amazing clientele, how to market with model teams, how to juggle it all, and how to get those magazines worthy images time and time again, shoot after shoot! You will quite literally be getting.... THE WORKS!

kick it into high gear

Whether you think you need it or not, you're going to learn it ALL!

We are going to be starting off in the classroom everything you need to know about client management, how to successfully market and run a model team, how to create an amazing experience for your clients, what types of products and items today's teens and their parents are looking for, how to style, pose, and shoot creatively to get images that stand out by leaps and bounds from the rest. And lastly,  how to edit those killer images and  retouch them in a fashion forward format!

THE WORKS workshop will show you it ALL!

delivering the


invest in YOURSELF

You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

THE WORKS is going to show you everything you need to know to run a successful business but it is up to you to put in all of the work and make your goals and dreams a reality!

I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years and have always worked as a one-woman show! I love being my own boss and know the reason I am successful is because I was willing to take the time to invest back in myself and my business by learning, evolving, and constantly growing throughout the years. If you are ready to do the same for yourself, let's get this party started and come join me in sunny California!

let's do this!

invest in


i'm giving you

here's your chance to learn it all!


Two full days of hands on learning and education from Tara Rochelle. This workshop will be hosted at her Los Angeles area studio and surrounding areas on February 5 & 6

During this class, you'll learn in both classroom format and in photography shooting segments. Learn from start to finish how to market, price, shoot, style, pose, edit, and retouch from one of the top industry senior photographers!

*** BONUS portfolio building shooting segments will be offered on February 4 & 7 


This bonus portfolio building shooting segment will show you how to create killer full sun images! Learn the best time to shoot, what angles work best, and how to nail it straight out of camera.

Bonus segment will be offered to THE WORKS workshop attendees at a promotional rate before being opened up to other photographers. 





This bonus portfolio building shooting segment will show you how to create killer studio images! Learn how to light like Tara with various lighting segments, backgrounds, and how to nail it straight out of camera.

Bonus segment will be offered to THE WORKS workshop attendees at a promotional rate before being opened up to other photographers. 





Let's make some magic

I am so so so excited to be offering this bonus shooting segment!  We will be shooting in an amazing location and re-create images like what you would see in todays top fashion magazines featuring Hollywoods elite!

We will experiment with a variety of lighting situations depending on what is needed. It could be natural light, strobe lighting on set, continuous lighting. or a combination of any of these! 
Bonus segment will be offered to THE WORKS workshop attendees at a promotional rate before being opened up to other photographers. 


the works 


Don't you worry.. I am going to show you step by step and one light at a time! Studio lighting can seem very intimidating but once you have some basic knowledge, it's super easy and fun to play around in the studio!

it comes to STROBES.. can you help?"

"I'm clueless when


Mentorships are fantastic and we are able to cover a few topics in the span of about 6 hours. Since THE WORKS is a 2 full days, we are able to cover so many more topics! Also, since I am working with several students at once, I am able to provide more models, even more amazing styling, and shoot in locations I am not able to offer during the course of a mentorship due to added costs and permit fees. Workshops are also great resources for meeting others that may have similar business styles as yourself and attendees often gain new information from one another. 

Different from a mentorship?



Absolutely!! I know just how important it is to invest back in your business and that it's not always easy to cough up an entire cost of a workshop all at once. That is why I break up the cost of the workshop into monthly payments or you have the option to pay in full. 

If you add on the bonus shooting segments, those can be factored into the payment plan as well.

A payment plan?

"Do you offer


Yes!! The WORKS workshop is not available to those who reside or conduct business within 75 miles of 91355. I do this to help protect the hard work and thousands of dollars I have poured into my business by having a non-compete radius restriction. 

Many of my speaking engagements and online courses do not have this so you are still able to learn from me.

Mileage restriction?

Is there a

So you've booked your spot and are ready head to L.A.? The good news is you have several options!!
AIRPORTS: My favorite airport to fly into is Hollywood Burbank. It's small, ridiculously easy, but the downside is it has less options and costs more than the much bigger LAX airport. I personally would much rather pay a little more for the ease and convenience. 

HOTELS:  There are several hotels all within a close proximately to the studio where the workshop will be taking place. The closest and biggest is the HYATT REGENCY VALENCIA 

RENTAL CAR: I would highly recommend sharing a rental car with one or more of the attendees to help save on costs.




I highly recommend getting to know and connect with your fellow workshop attendees. You may end up meeting someone who has encountered similar struggles and overcome obstacles that can help you. Often times, connecting with like minded individuals can be one of the highlights of attending an in-person workshop such as THE WORKS. 

In the weeks leading up to the workshop, I will be adding all the attendees to a private Facebook group so you can introduce yourselves and begin getting to know one another. 

Feel free to chat and make arrangements on sharing ubers, hotel rooms, and rental cars! 


We're all in this


We all start somewhere!! I totally get it and love that you're wanting to learn from me! As long as you are comfortable with your camera and have a basic understanding  of photography... go for it!

But be warned!! This is NOT photography 101. We will NOT be covering things like exposure, white balance, F-stops, and composition. THE WORKS workshop is for those that want to learn and absorb all they can in a FAST paced setting over the course of 2 full days. I've added TWO incredible bonus shoots to really make the most of your time and investment while you're here in Los Angeles. 


I'm a total newbie..

fresh meat

Trust me.. I've been there. Countless sleepless nights wondering why am I working like crazy and not seeing any results? Why am I not making any money after I put so much time and effort in? How can I generate buzz and build up an amazing clientele? How can I recreate images of everyday people to look like they came out of a magazine? 

At THE WORKS workshop, I'm going to share this and so much more on how I went from a struggling artist to hugely successful six-figure studio year after year. 

I"ll be dishing out 4 different shooting segments, beautiful models, killer locations, and all the ins and outs of how to kill it in the senior market. Don't plan on sleeping because we will be working from morning to night to make sure we get it all in!

I'm here to help you build your dream biz.



February 2023


Angela m.

"Tara spills ALL her secrets! If you want to be a fly on the wall and see Tara's process for editing her amazing editorial images this course is for you. You will literally watch Tara take her images from start to finish and get a ton of amazing tips and shortcuts to make your own process faster and more efficient. This program is a must for any busy photographer who wants to work smarter not harder."

"For YEARS I was struggling to cull through my images and turnaround viewings within 2 weeks. I couldn’t figure out HOW all these other photographers can guarantee a 2 week view and then 6 week delivery. When I came to Tara she floored me with the tips and tricks to cull, up scale my workflow and the special touches to retouching. Plus, I have always been drawn to the high fashion look, but wasn’t comfortable with studio lighting to understand all the efforts that go into studio. Again, floored with how the process of understanding the light settings to keep the camera settings set.

My business has elevated with efficient workflow, retouching and editing along with a wider scale on offering studio. I would go back again and again for a 1-1 with Tara since her knowledge in the industry is untouchable! "

Ashley G.

"I am a self taught photographer and the struggle was real and so was the frustration when I began my journey. I bought countless courses and watched more YouTube videos than anyone ever should. I joined Facebook groups and bought actions and presets hoping that they were the answers to all the questions I faced. I've always been drawn to editorial photography and then I came across Tara.  I stalked (I mean followed her) for years and LOVE everything about her work.  When the opportunity came a long for me to meet and learn from her, you better believe I took it!  She touched on everything from camera settings and shooting styles to styling and editing a session to marketing and branding, I could keep going but we will just say... she's an open book. Tara's teaching skills & personality are as amazing as her photography skills. I am so much more confident in my posing & editing and I have her to thank for it. She's still a resource when I need her and that is PRICELESS!!! It is hands down the best money I have spent for myself and my business period. "

Stephanie k.

"Photogs! If you have not had the opportunity to watch Tara work her magic and learn her brilliant ways, She lays it all on the table, taking you behind the scenes showing you a workflow that is purposeful, organized, and saves time! 
Tara breaks down the editing and retouching game Into creative bite size pieces that are next level and and her vibrant personality makes learning fun again!"

Shawna s.

"Tara Rochelle is a firehose of knowledge!! Having her show me her editing was a game changer!! My workflow is MUCH faster now that I use all of her tricks and shortcuts! She’s amazing at getting exactly what she wants in camera so the editing is just bringing out the beauty that is already there! Her editing looks natural and flawless! Being able to quickly achieve my desired look helps me to be able to close my computer quickly and be more present with my family!! AND allows me to spend more time behind the camera! That is what it’s all about!!"

Jennifer w.





Topics to include:
Client Management & Workflow
All Things Pricing & Products
In-Person Sales
Marketing with Model Teams
Image Workflow
Editing & Retouching


Learn how to:
How to Find the Light
Pose & Direct your Subject with Ease
Fashion Inspired Posing
Styling your Subjects for an Editorial Look
Proper Use of Reflectors
Shooting with Natural Light, Reflectors, and Full Sun


Water, Coffee, Light Snacks, and Lunch on Workshop Days are provided courtesy of
Tara Rochelle and sponsors. All travel accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee. 




about Tara

I've already done the work 
and am still doing it!

Hey there! I am Tara Rochelle and I am a professional portrait photographer based out of beautiful sunny Southern California in the heart of Los Angeles! I have run a successful portrait studio for over 20 years and am known for my magazine inspired images, bold colors, and fashion forward posing & styling. 

My work has been featured in numerous publications over the years including: InStyle, People, NBC Television, Angeleno, Senior Style Guide, Modern Teen Style, and InsideSCV. I have been named a two time Leading Legends Judge and Icon Status for SSG and have received awards from Blink Conference, Conference 12, and PPA. 

In this incredible workshop I will be showing you anything and everything that I have learned throughout the years. We literally will be covering everything from start to finish and nothing will be uncovered or off-limits! Some of the featured topics will be client management, running a successful and profitable model team, how to pose, style, and shoot for a fashion inspired look to your everyday portraits, and then how to take those images and polish them to perfection without spending hours doing it!