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Meet one of my awesome 2019 senior models from Valencia High School, Miss Payton! She currently attends Northern Arizona University after graduating from VHS. Payton was a captain of the Valencia Dance Team and is really into writing and photography! She assisted and shadowed me at my studio for a brief time during her senior year!

Payton’s shoot was soooo much fun! She brought along all of these creative and fun outfits she put together from Free People and Forever 21! All of her outfits were unique and completely different from each other which I thought was super fun! We had to get creative with each location to make sure it complimented her outfit well, and I think we did a pretty dang good job!!

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Q. College Plans? If so, where?
A. Currently attending Northern Arizona University

Q. College Major
A. Communications 

Q. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
A. I had been dancing for 15 years and was the captain on my dance team at Valencia High School. I love photography and writing as well!

Q. What kind of look were you going for in your senior photos? 
A. I was going for a look that represented me. I typically dress somewhat out of the ordinary anyways so I wanted some of my outfits to be super editorial looking and some to be more casual. I also wanted to represent the different seasons in my shoot, so many of my backgrounds were inspired by fall and spring (when I start and end the year).

Q. How was your experience during your senior shoot?
A. My experience was absolutely amazing. I can honestly say I would do it all over again because it was that much fun. I felt so myself in the outfits I chose and Tara made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Definitely a day I will never forget!

Q. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken?
A. I would say to think of outfits and backgrounds that are personal and timeless. Pick somewhere that means something to you and outfits that you will look back on and still enjoy because you will have these photos forever! Also, don’t forget to have fun because the more comfortable you are, the more natural the pictures look!

Q. How many outfits did you take? 
A. I took a total of 8 outfits!

Q. Would you have taken more or less, reasons why?
A. I would’ve taken the exact amount I did. I was able to change really fast and my location was pretty much in one place so the time fit almost perfectly! This also gave me an even greater variety of pictures to chose from!

Q. Did you accessorize differently with each outfit?
A. I did accessorize differently with each outfit! I looked at each outfit and placed accessories when needed. For example, I had this unique yellow jumpsuit, I paired it with plain shoes and no accessories because it would distract from the overall statement of the jumpsuit. I also had some more plain outfits like a shirt, blazer, and jean shorts and I made sure to pair it with these huge square earrings and hat to take the look to the next level. The overall message is to accessorize only when it is necessary and enhances your look!

Q. Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that you’re in?
A. I did not take any props!

Q. Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring?
A. I would definitely recommend a little tent to change in because that is how I changed so fast and was able to get more shooting time. I would prepare by getting a good nights rest before to look awake in the photos and to prep your skin for makeup.

Q. Any tips on hair/makeup? Where did you get your inspiration for this? Did you bring in pictures or have a plan prior to your styling?
A. I would suggest slightly changing your hair throughout the shoot. This separates your looks from one another and gives the photos diversity. For makeup I would do fairly natural to bring out your natural beauty. I was inspired by my clothing when doing lipstick changes and had a lot of fun playing with different colors. Changing your lipstick often also gives diversity to the looks. 

Q. Did you find a store that had everything you were looking for?
A. I found almost all of my clothes from Free People and Forever 21. These two stores vary from each other as far as price goes but I had no trouble finding clothes from each of these places. Free People is a store where you can rely on quality and currentness. Although the store is little more on the pricy side, you never have to worry about the material you are getting or if what you bought is in style. I personally love all the boho looks I got from there as well as my plaid pants and sweater. Forever 21 is a bit more on the affordable side, but has some amazing looks. I got my yellow jumpsuit, green jumpsuit, and accessories from there and am beyond happy with the results. These two stores could’ve been the only stores necessary for my shoot and I highly recommend them.

Q. What ended up being your favorite outfit and why?
A. My favorite outfit, although hard to say, would have to be the yellow jumpsuit because it’s nothing like I have seen before. I love the color of it and the way we shot it. It was just such a fun piece and it reminded me of my dad because he used to work on cars.

Q. Let’s talk about locations. What location(s) did you choose for your session? Why did you choose that location? Do you wish you would have gone some place different or would you suggest where you went?
A. I chose to go to studio city. This location embodied everything I was looking for and more. We actually sometimes ended up shooting in front of people’s lawns and the photos are amazing. I personally like backgrounds that don’t distract from the focal point of the picture: you. I was even able to shoot in front of some hot rod cars and that was so amazing. I would defiantly suggest studio city because everywhere I went the location was perfect. 

Q. What’s on your BUCKET LIST of things to do or see?
A. -I want to go to backpack across Europe
-I want to publish some sort of a film story
-I want to go sky diving
-I want to go on an African safari
-I want to ride in a hot air balloon


  • I am a Harry Potter nerd!! Hands down my favorite series of all time and I include Harry Potter as one of my childhood influences.
  • I love film…movies and T.V. shows. My favorite genres of movies are rom com and horror. My favorite show has to be That 70s Show (and sidetone I am in love with Ashton Kutcher). I don’t get scared easily to say the least and it takes a lot for me to get embarrassed.
  • My favorite drink is root beer and my favorite food is sushi.
  • My favorite place to get sushi is Kisho.
  • I can hold both of my hands around my back and bring them in front of me without letting go.
  • My favorite place to shop is Urban Outfitters and I LOVE fashion!!!
  • My favorite high school memory would probably have to be freshman year nationals when I first took the arena floor.
  • The best thing about being a senior is my easy schedule lol and being secure in myself and the people I surround myself with.
  • I am horrible at science and math, but I am great at English and plan to do a lot with English in my future.
  • MUSIC!! Music is my escape and joy in life. I can’t play any instruments or anything, but I like any and all genres of music, ranging from the 20s until now.
  • I have several best friends (almost all of which are or have been on the model team) and I consider them my sisters.
  • I have an English Bulldog and a Snowshoe Simease cat.
  • I hate littering and when people don’t recycle.
  • I try and live everyday like it is my last and always find a way to laugh.
  • I try and be outgoing as possible and love helping and meeting new people:)

Q. Tell me 2 truths and 1 Lie
A. -I rarely ever cry.
-I have never surfed.
-I have had my pet goldfish for 12 years. (lie)

Q. Is there anything you would have done differently for your shoot?
A. I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Q. What was your favorite thing about your session or the overall experience?
A. My favorite thing about the session was being able to take pictures with the coolest hot rod cars!

Q. Why do you think senior portraits are important?
A. I think senior portraits are important because this is the turning point in your life. You finally know who you are after figuring it out the other 3 years of high school and this is the moment in your life where you are somewhat grown but still get to be a kid, it’s an important thing to capture. 

Q. Why did you choose Tara Rochelle to take your senior pictures?
A. I chose Tara Rochelle because ever since the older girls I looked up to took photos with her I fell in love with her photography. 

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