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in studio senior portraits tara rochelle santa clarita valley

Isn’t she stunning?! Meet Hailey!! She is currently on my 2020 model team, where she, among many other girls on the team, have the opportunity to do many different, fun creative shoots, aside from their senior session! Hailey is currently a senior at Saugus High School and swims on their varsity swim team. She is incredibly beautiful inside and out and super fun to photograph!! We’ve had so much fun during all our creative shoots, but her senior session was something special!!

During Hailey’s senior portrait session in Los Angeles, we ran into someone you wouldn’t run into on a normal day…any guesses??? NIALL HORAN!! Of course, to top it off, Hailey looked amazing!! We had such a fun day shooting here in L.A. I love capturing these moments all around Los Angeles because there’s tons of unique locations that make for great pictures!! There’s so many different feels in this city that it makes for a great location no matter what kind of style you’re going for during your shoot! We were able to find the perfect spots for Hailey’s super cute outfits!!

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Q. College Plans? If so, where?
A. Yes, hopefully University of Utah

Q. College Major
A. Kinesiology/ physical therapy

Q. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
A. I am on Saugus’ swim team and have been on varsity all 4 years of high school. I also do weight lifting. outside of school, I like to go to bridge to home to feed the homeless and I participate in working to create SCV a better place!

Q. What kind of look were you going for in your senior photos?
A. I wanted both a boho and chic look.

Q. How was your experience during your senior shoot?
A. I absolutely loved doing my senior shoot! Tara is so fun to work with and made us laugh the entire time! It also helped that I got to meet Niall Horan!

Q. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken?
A. Trust Tara no matter what, you may think that a pose she is having you do is strange but once you see the photos, you will she that she is a GENIUS behind the camera!

Q. How many outfits did you take?
A. To her studio I brought about 10 but I shot in 6.

Q. Would you have taken more or less, reasons why?
A. I could have gone for hours! It was so much fun.

Q. Did you accessorize differently with each outfit?
A. I would definitely recommend bringing lots of accessories like jewelry and hair accessories. I just believe that the make the pictures 10 times better.

Q. Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that you’re in?
A. No, because I didn’t really know how I could incorporate swimming into my shoot.

Q. Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring?
A. I made sure that I had all my clothes was organized and steamed the night before so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it the day of my shoot. And I would also recommend eating before you get your makeup done lol.

Q. Any tips on hair/makeup? Where did you get your inspiration for this? Did you bring in pictures or have a plan prior to your styling?
A. Make sure you have a set idea for what you ant your hair and makeup to look like. And if there is something you don’t like about it let them know because that could ruin your pictures for you.

Q. Did you find a store that had everything you were looking for?
A. I bought most of my outfits online at a store called Vici Collection. They have a ton of cute clothes, with some very unique pieces. For jewelry I bought stuff at just random small shops.

Q. Let’s talk about locations. What location(s) did you choose for your session? Why did you choose that location? Do you wish you would have gone some place different or would you suggest where you went?
A. We were in the LA area and there were so many different looking areas, which allowed for my pictures to have a wide range of looks.

Q. What ended up being your favorite outfit and why?
A. I loved my white dress with brown knee high boots and brown hat. It was my favorite because the outfit was fairly “boring” colors but tara was able to find areas that would add a pop of color.

Q. What’s on your BUCKET LIST of things to do or see?
1. I want to change someone’s life for the better
2. I want to swim with sharks
3. I want to go to Greece
4. I want to bungee jump off a bridge
5. I want to shave my head

A. Favorite movie: the nightmare before Christmas and the
Favorite ice cream flavor: coffee
Favorite beverage: coffee
Favorite restaurant: most sushi places lol
Tricks: I can dislocate my right pinky toe and I can crack most joints
celebrity crush: Dwayne Johnson (sorry Niall)
Favorite high school memory: freshman year finding out I made the varsity swim team
Best thing about being a senior: little to no homework
Least favorite subject: history
Favorite subject: anatomy/ biology
Worst hair cut: growing up my mom made me have the same haircut… short bob with front bangs… I looked like Willy Wonka

Q. Tell me 2 truths and 1 Lie
A. I was attacked by a dog when I was little
I have a fear of birds
I am the youngest with 4 older brothers (lie) (I am the oldest with 4 younger brothers)

Q. Is there anything you would have done differently for your shoot?
A. No, I loved my shoot!

Q. What was your favorite thing about your session or the overall experience?
A. Having a ton of fun expressing myself but also meeting Niall Horan…

Q. Why do you think senior portraits are important?
A. I think they are important because it gives us a chance to express ourselves and be able to look back at ourselves when we are older.

Q. Why did you choose Tara Rochelle to take your senior pictures?
A. I had a couple friends from the class of 2018 take pictures with her and I thought they were beautiful.

Want to see more of these fun and creative outfits these girls put together for their shoots?? Check out Ione’s Urban Senior Portraits In Los Angeles if you absolutely loved Hailey’s Senior Portraits in Los Angeles!

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