January 4, 2018

how to create a flawless face with bold orange lips

F or todays post I’m going to share some tips on how to create a flawless face with bold orange lips straight from professional makeup artist Wendy Codero. I recently did a photo shoot with beautiful Savannah from Willow Models and I absolutely love the look Wendy did. When we started talking about the collaboration, I already had this great blouse from H&M I wanted to use. Wendy (my go-to Makeup artist) was given the green light to do whatever she wanted! Keeping with the tones of the adorable ruffled top, she used hues in the blouse to gain her inspiration for the palette to use on the eyes and lips. Savannah’s fair complexion worked perfectly to maintain a somewhat porcelain and translucent finish so her lips (and the swipe of bold tangerine on her lid) could take center stage. Wanna steal this look? Here’s everything you need to create a flawless face with a bold lip!

Create a flawless face with bold orange lipsmakeup tips with bold lips by Tara Rochelle makeup and fashion tips

For the clothing

I am a huge fan of finding great affordable pieces when doing wardrobe styling! It’s great if you want to splurge on items here and there but for me, since I only will use a garment a handful of times, cost efficiency is a must! To create this look on Savannah, I found some great items at various stores. A few of my favorite places to go shopping are Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and my all time fav: Crossroads Trading Company.

Zara is somewhat affordable but they also have a lot of binge worthy items too so this can be a bit dangerous for me since I like to have a ton of options even if I don’t end up using them all (which I usually don’t). That takes me over to my next place : Crossroads Trading Company. They are hit and miss for me but most of the time it’s a HIT! When I was in New York City a couple of weeks earlier, I dragged my friends with me to Crossroads (they’re all over the place- I have at least 5 different ones here in the Los Angeles area that I frequent). I was able to find both the Zara trousers and Zara shoes there for dirt cheap! My biggest score there was the incredible Karl Lagerfeld tweed coat! GAhhh!! I had to have it! The blouse as mentioned before, I scooped up in Times Square at H&M and the plaid black and white blazer I picked up at Forever 21.

Los Angeles fashion and beauty photography

For the hair

Wendy applied Sebastian Gel Forte to create a smooth look as well as tame any stray hairs. We started off with the hair down and then part way through the photo shoot, Wendy pulled it into a low pony (one of my favorite simple yet polished looks). She finished the hair by spraying Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder Hairspray.

Makeup Tips Orange lip and eye

For the Face…

To create this flawless face, Wendy mixed MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and Benefits High Beam highlighter to accomplish great coverage with a skin like finish. By combining those two products, you’re able to create a nice glow while still concealing those pesky little blemishes! Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder was used to set the foundation.

Next up.. defining those cheekbones!

To do just that, Wendy recommends using Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Highlighter and Candlelight Glow Powder (also by Too Faced).

For the eyes…

“I wanted to keep the overall look of the eyes soft, but added the orange pop to add dimension and impact”, said Wendy. To achieve this she used the same bronzer as she did on the cheekbones (Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced) on the crease area combined with Loracs matte eyeshadow in Bare on the lids. To line the eyelids, she used MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Jade Red.

To create the perfect pout

We really wanted to create a flawless face with bold orange lips! Making the lips the key feature was a must! To get that look, Wendy used the same product as she did for Savannah’s eyelid liner which is MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick in Jade Red.
Makeup Tips with Orange Lip and Eyes

I’d love to hear what you thought about this post so please leave me a comment! Do you want to hear more makeup and styling tips in the future? Let me know!




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