May 30, 2017

Senior Pictures at Venice Beach in Southern California

On todays blog feature it’s senior pictures at Venice Beach in Southern California. Meet Miss Marisa from Valencia High School and see what she had to say about her senior portrait experience and her tips! I met Marisa a couple of years ago when I did some teen portraits for her and her family. Marisa is such a sweetheart and she interned for me for a couple of weeks. What does an intern do? Well, she came along on a few shoots to help out, worked in the studio doing data entry, cleaning, packaging orders, and I showed her a little bit of how to retouch and edit images.


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What did you think of her senior pictures at Venice Beach in Southern California? I loved her mix of outfits and especially the blue flannel shirt she brought that belonged to her older brother who passed away in a tragic car accident. Check out the advice from Marisa when planning your senior session…

  • Q. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
    A. I am on the valencia high school dance team and dance at to the pointe dance and Pilates centre.
  • Q. How was your experience during your senior shoot?
    A. It was a fantastic experience! It was so much fun during the shoot and I was so excited to see my pictures!
  • Q. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken?
    A. I would say to bring as many clothes as you can. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to look best in camera but Tara does! So if you bring plenty of options, then you well surely get so great outfits that photograph great.
  • Q. How many outfits did you take?
    A. I don’t know how many outfits I brought because I just brought a bunch of my clothes.
  • Q. Would you have taken more or less, reasons why?
    A. I am happy with the amount of clothes that I brought so no I would not bring any more or less.
  • Q. Did you accessorize differently with each outfit?
    A. I would say to bring almost all that you have. I personally don’t have a lot of jewelry but I do have a lot of shoes.
  • Q. Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that you’re in?
    A. No
  • Q. Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring?
    A. Bring your favorite clothes or shoes etc. If you really like it then chances are it will look great.
  • Q. Any tips on hair/makeup? Where did you get your inspiration for this? Did you bring in pictures or have a plan prior to your styling?
    A. I think it is a good idea to bring in some pictures for examples. That way you can show exactly how you want it to look in the end. I got all my hair and makeup ideas from Pinterest.
  • Q. Did you find a store that had everything you were looking for?
    A. I didn’t find any 1 store that I found all my clothes in. I looked through my closet first to see what I have. And once I did that I tried to not buy too many things from the same store because then your clothes might all look similar.
  • Q. What ended up being your favorite outfit and why?
    A. My favorite outfit is the outfit that I actually love to wear on a daily basis and to school etc.
  • Q. Let’s talk about locations. What location(s) did you choose for your session? Why did you choose that location? Do you wish you would have gone some place different or would you suggest where you went?
    A. I chose Venice beach. I chose this location because I really wanted to have some pictures on the beach since I have kind of grown up on the beach and I love the beach but I also wanted some more cool graffiti kind of walls. I am extremely happy with my decision to go there.
    A. 1. My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid and had been since I was a baby
    2. I LOVE Disney
    3. I LOVE lemonade
    4. My favorite restaurant is buck di beppo or Olive Garden
    5. When I was in 3rd grade I wanted short hair one day so I had my mom cut my hair that was down to my butt to above my shoulders in our kitchen.
    6. I hate soda
    7. I am a dancer
    8. I am running out of facts
    9. I like to shop at tillys and American eagle and urban outfitters
    10. I am a child at heart
  • Q. Is there anything you would have done differently for your shoot?
    A. Nope
  • Q. What was your favorite thing about your session or the overall experience?
    A. I really like the actual photo shoot itself. It was really fun for me.
  • Q. Why do you think senior portraits are important?
    A. I think it’s important to have some nice pictures that you like from your senior year so you can show your family and your kids when you are older.
  • Q. Why did you choose Tara Rochelle to take your senior pictures?
    A. I chose Tara because I have seen her work before and really liked how all of her pictures turned out.

    Ready to book a shoot? Simply email me at and also be sure to check out Los Angeles senior pictures and Pasadena senior pictures for more ideas and inspiration!

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