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We did the beautiful Graysen’s Saugus High School senior pictures here in Santa Clarita and I love the way they turned out!! She is such a sweet and pretty girl (not to mention an awesome cheerleader too). As usual, started off with makeup at MAC in Valencia and then headed out to the shooting locations. Graysen did an awesome job of mixing up her wardrobe!! She brought along a super colorful, long prom /  formal dress, a clean and modern white short dress, the super popular high low skirt paired with a denim jean vest, and a few others.

I always tell my teen clients that it’s a great idea to bring clothing with varying lengths as well as styles. Occasionally I’ve been at a shoot where the client just brings all really short shorts and high skirts. Well, the problem with that is you’re limiting some of the posing options we can do. If you’re sitting or squatting in some of those short shorts and high skirts, it’s going to appear as if you don’t have any bottoms on. Not exactly the look we’re going for at your senior session! Haha!! It’s always great to bring a mix of colors, textures, and styles too so that your images will have more variety and interest to them.

Here are some of my favorites of Miss Graysen! Enjoy…tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0051.jpg

tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0052.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0050.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0053.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0054.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0056.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0057.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0055.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0058.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0060.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0059.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0061.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0062.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0063.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0064.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0065.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0066.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0068.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-senior portraits-photographers-valencia_0067.jpg

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Love this awesome couple and am so happy that I’ve been able to do their family portraits over the years! I did their wedding and engagement session many years ago! I can’t believe how big their beautiful little girls are getting!! They are so adorable and so silly, I loved it!! We had some amazing light and weather here in Santa Clarita that day and the pictures turned out so great!! Enjoy…

tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0033.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0031.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0032.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0034.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0035.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0039.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0037.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0038.jpgtara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0040.jpgtara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0036.jpgtara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0044.jpg

tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0045.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0043.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0041.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0049.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0047.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0048.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0046.jpg
tara rochelle-santa clarita-children-family-portraits-photographer_0042.jpg

Even though it still feels like summer here in Santa Clarita, fall is just around the corner and every year I get crazy busy with last minute family pictures for the holidays. Why not book early and get it done? I have tons of favorite spots that I am happy to recommend. If you’re interested in setting something up, call the studio at 1-800-995-8272 or email me at!!

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Here is Part 2 of beautiful Kreagan’s senior portraits in Santa Barbara (we did the first part all around Los Angeles and Hollywood). Can’t say enough good things about this beautiful young lady. I love her to pieces!! Since she had a more glamorous and fancy makeup for her first photoshoot, we wanted this one to be a little more on the natural side since we’d be shooting in some open fields and the beach. Kreagan brought along some awesome clothing choices and we went out together for a little shopping trip and picked out a few things together too!

High School senior portraits in Santa Barbara by Tara Rochelle Photography

And to make her Los Angeles senior portrait experience complete, a quick stop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on our way to the airport!! 

Check out the fun senior portraits in Los Angeles we did for the first part of Kreagan’s session. She came all the way to California from Missouri so we made the most of her time here in town and tried to shoot EVERYWHERE!!!

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