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I’ve known Tyler since we moved to the Santa Clarita area almost 10 years ago and I was hoping his mom would ask me to to his senior pictures this year!! Tyler was chosen to be one of my senior models this year and he is super cool. He is very down to earth, funny, and respectful. After chatting with him and finding out his interests, I learned that he has a huge passion for luxury cars. I was really hoping to somehow get some photos of him with some sweet cars and leave it to Tammy, his mom, to get the manager of a Rolls Royce dealership to let us take them. I think Tyler wanted to do the entire session there! Right next door was Porshe, Bentleys, Jags, you name it!!

Even though Pasadena is a little bit of a trek from where my main studio is located, I still can’t pass it up. If you’ve seen my blog you can probably tell that I shoot in this location A LOT!! It’s one of my all time favorite places for just about any type of session. I’ve done headshots, family portraits, baby session, pretty much everything there!! Oh, and recently an urban ballerina too!! I would so love to have a studio there someday. Totally work the drive in my opinion.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos of Tyler from our day we spent in Pasadena for his super awesome session!!

Please call us at 1-800-995-8272 if you would like to book your senior portrait session!!

Check out Mandee’s senior pictures or  you can check out our senior portrait portfolio too!


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We met up with our very good friends for a vacation in Hawaii and thought it would be the perfect place to take Oksana’s high school senior pictures. Oksana and her family live in Missouri where senior pictures are a HUGE deal so I think they were all pretty excited (as was I) to have the opportunity to do something on location that is so different than what they have there back in Missouri. Granted, we do have the beach within driving distance from Valencia, but it’s still not quite the same as getting  your pictures taken in a tropical paradise like Hawaii, right?

There were so many amazing spots to choose from to do the shoot that it was almost a little overwhelming. I wanted to shoot the pictures everywhere!! The only downside, if it even is one, was that it is pretty windy there in Hawaii so we were constantly having to wait a second or adjust her hair for the pictures! We ended up shooting these around Kauai and I so wish that we had more time. It was the day before Okasana had to leave so we really couldn’t plan for shooting on any other days and it started to rain earlier in the day. We began near a really cool road (highway actually) that is surrounded by gorgeous banyan trees on both sides of the street, did some pictures near a ranch / plantation, and then finished up at Poipu beach for some pretty sunset shots. We kept on shooting until literally there was no light left. I had to have Amber and Kreagan work as my assistants to hold the lights. One holding the awesome iphone “flashlight” so I could focus the shot and the other to hold the flash that was used. I’m sure we looked crazy to the other people there on the beach (and to the wedding guests that were watching a ceremony) but it was all worth it in the end!! I love how the pics turned out and am so looking forward to another destination portrait session again!! Ireland anyone? (hint, hint)

Click here to view pictures from a local session in Valencia of Miss Sara!!

Call us at 1.800.995.8272 if you’d like to inquire about setting up your own senior portrait session and find us on facebook too!

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Ok, so this year I am going to put some deadlines for family portrait sessions, holiday cards, and products needed for the holidays. I really want to enjoy the holidays this year (as long as I don’t hear Mariah Carey belting out holiday jingles at every single store that I walk into) and be able to spend some time with my own family. I absolutely love the decorations, the smell of pine trees, pretty presents all wrapped up, yummy treats, and did I mention how much I love EGGNOG? Yes, eggnog. My grandma used to mix it with 7-up to give it a little sparkle, but I’ve always preferred mine straight up thick and creamy. Kind of disgusting now that I think about it, but yes, I love it.

I love seeing my repeat clients that come back to me year after year for their annual family photo shoot and I will work like crazy to get everyone scheduled in and taken care of BUT I’m really going to try and stick to the cut-off time frames. Hopefully it will make the holidays a bit more “jolly” for everyone. I won’t be designing a Christmas card at 3am and you won’t be worried that your cards won’t make it out by New Years 🙂 Lastly, I offer some super amazing albums and books and those need to be ordered ASAP since they take quite a bit of design time and approvals prior to even being submitted to the vendor for production.


So, with that all being said, here are the deadlines for this year:

Last day to book your holiday family portrait session : November 15

Last day to order holiday greeting cards : December 1

Last day to place holiday print orders: December 5


Fun, modern, and artsy family pictures by Tara Rochelle Photography

The Johnson Family


Please email the studio at, check us out on Facebook, or call 1-800-995-8272 to book your family session before their all snatched up!!

Check out The Johnsons and The McCloud family portrait sessions!!


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