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Yes, there are more senior pictures to post! Here is another of the many beautiful faces of the 2012 TR Model Program. Meet Miss Arianna from Valencia high school. We did a quick and simple shoot at the studio but I just couldn’t help myself, so we ventured out after and did a couple of other outfits outdoors here in Santa Clarita. I’ll admit, I like to spoil my models a little bit!! Love the field shots!! Totally reminds me of something from a Free People or Anthropologie catalog!! Enjoy!!

TR Senior Model : High School Senior Pictures by Tara Rochelle Photography

  1. I love New York City!! It is my all time favorite place!
  2. Peace signs are my favorite! Pretty much everything I own has a peace sign somewhere(including my car).
  3. I love to run! Especially with my cross country girls!
  4. I am going to be an interior designer in NYC. I’ve wanted to be one since I was 11 years old.
  5. My hair is pretty much a natural afro.
  6. The only channels I watch on t.v. are TLC and Bravo
  7. My all time favorite movie is The Hannah Montana Movie
  8. I love Nick Jonas and one day I WILL marry him!
  9. My little sister, Julienne, is my best friend!
  10. Apples are my favorite! I pretty much eat an apple with every meal of the day.
  11. My dream vacation would be to Africa to see all the giraffes and elephants
  12. I love grocery shopping.
  13. My friends and I go on really strange adventures, pretty much endangering our lives every time.
  14. I make really weird noises when I get excited, I just can’t control it!
  15. I love drinking hot tea.
  16. At the moment, I am obsessed with making friendship bracelets.
  17. My favorite color is yellow, but almost everything I own is pink
  18. I will look for any excuse to get dressed up and wear heels!
  19. I love looking at homes!
  20. I probably have the thickest hair you will ever feel!
  21. I named my dog Sterling after the Disney Channel star, Sterling Knight….
  22. I love The Beatles, Ringo is my favorite!
  23. I love going to the zoo and aquarium, especially seeing the octopus!
  24. Fall is my favorite time of the year, I love anything flavored with pumpkin (pumpkin chocolate chip cookies especially 🙂
  25. I always have candles lit in my room, they just smell so good and relax me.
Here is another awesome recent shoot of Miss Liz
If you are interested in becoming one of our models, please apply here: TR Senior Models
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I thought this wonderful family was so stinking cute!! Both Mom & Dad were absolutely gorgeous and how adorable are those little boys? I am loving the way their images turned out and we had so much fun shooting all around the Venice and Santa Monica area. I haven’t done as many sessions in that area as I would like but every time I do, I always end up loving the results. So many great textures, colors, and unique little spots. I couldn’t resist getting in a few pictures of the boys with the ginormous dog that was walking by. The owner was super nice and the pooch was more than happy to strike a pose for a few shots!!

Venice Beach Family Portraits


If you’re anything like me, you can’t believe how fast the time is going by. I can’t believe the kids are already back to school and that summer is over. Really? Where the heck did it go? It seems like the older I get, the faster it goes by. Weird. Anyway, my point is, it’s not too early to start thinking about those pictures for your holiday cards!! I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but trust me, the earlier the better!! I’m going to be limiting my shooting schedule this season so that I can enjoy it and hopefully keep at least a little bit of my sanity!! I have some great new templates that I will be adding to the available designs in the next couple of months. If you have something custom in mind, we can do that too!!

Please call the studio at 1-800-995-8272 or e-mail us at to schedule your portrait session!

Here is another fun family session in Santa Clarita you might enjoy of The Alderman’s.

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Introducing another one of my gorgeous and super sweet Class of 2012 TR Senior Models!! Miss Liz! She is so sweet and even surprised me at her ordering session by bringing me my very favorite kind of cupcakes : Red Velvet from (Velvet Cupcakes, of course)!! Yum!! Here is what she had to say about herself….

1. I am a southern girl at heart.
2. I can touch my tongue to my nose and my chin.
3. I run on sweet tea! Coffee is alright but sweet tea is all I need!
4. I have an addiction to my iPhone. It’s my connection to everything, if I didn’t have it I would definitely be off the grid!
5. I was a gymnast for 9 years, and I have been a cheerleader for 9 years.
6. I was a pageant baby. I had tons of crowns and trophies from it, but they started falling apart so we got rid of them.
7. I was born in Arkansas and lived in North Carolina for about 6 years before moving to California.
8. Cowboy boots are a staple in my wardrobe.
9. I am an aunt to two wonderful little boys.
10. I plan on moving out of California after my graduation.
11. I love mason jars. They are so versatile!
12. My elbows, knees, and shoulders are double jointed.
13. I have a phobia of swings! Long story…
14. I learned how to drive a stick shift in a buggy on the coast of Cabo San Lucas. It was gorgeous!
15. I think bulldogs and bassett hounds are the most adorable dogs ever! They are just so round and wrinkly!
16. I am obsessed with anything related to Friday Night Lights. It’s my favorite movie, book, and television show.
17. I have naturally curly hair, like tight ringlet curls.
18. My car is named Lola. She’s a red 2011 chevy cruze. My dream car!
19. I have a strange ability to untangle things. String, wire, or anything else really.
20. I love the ocean. Snorkeling, swimming, diving, I enjoy it all.
21. I was in a furniture commercial as a baby. I’m pretty sure my mom still has it on tape somewhere.
22. I’m a sucker for a good quote. I have so many favorites, theres too many to count.
23. I’ll argue for the fun of it.
24. I love antiques and vintage items. They are so special and unique. No two items are alike.
25. And I can’t forget, I’m fluent in sarcasm. 🙂


Click here to apply to become one of our TR Senior Models or to inquire about your own senior photo shoot, please call the studio at 1-800-995-8272 or e-mail us at


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