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Here are some of my favorites of Wyatt’s senior pictures I did recently out here in Valencia. When Wyatt and his mom first arrived for their session, Wyatt seemed a little less than thrilled to be there. But, like most high school guys his age, he quickly warmed up and I actually think he may have even enjoyed it a little!! Haha!!

I’m not sure why some think that a portrait session is going to be this horrific agonizing experience but during my shoots I usually hear “wow!! This is so much fun!!!”, “I can’t wait to see my pictures”, “I love this!! I don’t want it to be over!!”. Wyatt was definitely digging it once we got going!!

Him mom knew about me because I had photographed his cousins high school pictures ( Amanda from Canyon High). I was so happy when she tild me because I very rarely get to photograph guys so I was looking forward to the challenge!! Hahah!!

I have been dying to do a shoot at this place every time I drove by and thought it was finally time to give it a shot! The spot is a bit of a trek off of the beaten path but so cool (and a little bit creepy too)!! But I loved it!!

Now is the perfect time for all of you upcoming high school juniors (soon to be seniors) to get your pictures done!!

Here is more senior pictures if you want to take a look : Michelle


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Let me just apologize now for all of the images I want to share from this absolutely amazing wedding in Malibu at Saddlerock Ranch. I mean, really, it was just stunning!! Everywhere you turned it looked breathtaking!! I love working with coordinators, especially ones like the awesome Michael Willms from Entertainment Design Events. Michael and I have worked on tons of weddings over the years and what he manages to create at a venue is pure magic. Not that Saddlerock Ranch needs any help at all, but Michael just transforms spaces into works of art!!

I met the beautiful bride, Gopika, just two days before at her parents home in Rancho Palos Verdes where I photographed their “traditional” wedding with just their families present. I was able to meet the groom, Jordan, and both of Gopikas parents a few weeks prior at our first meeting to discuss the big DAYS (on event on Thursday, celebration on Friday, and the Indian wedding shown here on Saturday). Gopikas super sweet mom, Nona, made me a fabulous Indian dinner and I have since started watching videos on YouTube to try and make some of the dishes she made for me that night. I can’t even come close!! Ugh, it was sooooo good! Her mom and aunt told me all about their meeting with Eduardo Lucero who designed all of the gowns Gopika would be wearing on the wedding days. I could tell as soon as I met Gopika’s brother, Anuj, that he gets his sense of humor from his father. Jyoti is a riot!! So, so funny!!!

Anyway, back to the wedding:

For the preparation in the morning, the couple got ready over at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village and then headed over to Saddlerock for the days events (by the way- check out those amazing shoes Miss Gopika has on: Christian Louboutin!! Ahhh!!!)

I’ve photographed several weddings at Saddlerock throughout the years and it’s always been the same kind of setup: wedding ceremony is held down by the large old tree and then the cocktails move up to the lawn, reception is under the cluster of trees up by the main house and getting ready cabana. But this time at Saddlerock, they put the ceremony sight up under the cluster of trees and they had the reception on the tennis courts. The court were draped by a huge was canopy complete with these super cool chandeliers!! During the main entrance and dinner the room was a warm, amber, peach color and as the night moved on, it changed to this super popped blue & purple. Oh!! Gorgeous!! Just the decor I could have photographed all day long!! The flowers were all done by Holly Flora and they were everywhere! Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers!!

I also got to shoot alongside one of my favorite videographer teams, David Robin Films. These guys are incredible!! Hats off to Michael for assembling such an incredible team of professionals! Everything seemed to go perfect (other than the weather) but even that was somewhat taken care of with a clear canopy draped at the wedding ceremony site.

The big hit of the night was certainly the “toasts” given by the brother of the groom and brother of the bride. Jordan’s brothers speech had lots of humor mixed in with a lot of heartfelt words. But… the big jokester for the night was Anuj. OMG!! In all of my years of doing wedding photography, I have NEVER in my life seen something as funny as this. To quote Anuj ” I can’t find the words to express how I’m feeling… so I give you the gift…. of song” at which point he turns around, throws on a huge Jheri Curl wig, and busts out Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” just like Eddie Murphy (Sexual Chocolate) in Coming to America. It was so freaking funny!! I was laughing so hard that I could barely see through my camera lens because my eyes were tearing up so bad! Oh!! Good times….

If you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking with me in my little story of Gopika & Jordans big wedding day and I hope you enjoy the images from Saddlerock Ranch!! You can view another one of my recent weddings from Terranea Resort here


If you want an awesome team for your wedding, be sure to check out the fabulous vendors that did this event with me:

Entertainment Design Events : Michael Willms

Holly Flora : Floral Design

David Robin Films : Video

The Four Seasons : Westlake Village

DeBois Productions : Traffic Jamm : Music

Eduardo Lucero : Gopikas Gown

Saddlerock Ranch


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I promised I would post a little sneak peek of Whitney & Richards wedding from a few weeks back. There are a ton of wonderful images, so I will definitely have to do a longer post when I have all the pictures completely processed. I met the couple from another one of my couples, Jill & Evan (whose images I also need to post) and was hired on the spot by Whitney’s mom. Talk about a huge compliment!! I was able to get to know the two of them a little more by doing an engagement session with them just a few weeks prior to their big wedding day. (And yes, I need to post those too!!) We had a blast cruising around Los Angeles and having a great time!

Anyway, back to the wedding: both Whitney & Richard are so down to earth, easy going, and fun. Everything seemed to flow so smoothly (largely due to the awesome coordinating by Kai and her team from Katano Events) and we were able to capture lots of images and not feel rushed or chaotic which sometimes is the case at weddings. The weather was perfect and the late afternoon light at Shady Canyon is incredible! It was my first time doing a wedding there and I loved it!! The always amazing, Lisa Cardella, from Ixora Floral Studio did the flowers and Matrimony Pictures was there to get all the days events on video. Whitney & Richard sure chose a great team of vendors to work with if I do say so myself!! haha!! Here are a few of the photos from their wedding day!


Here is another wedding you might enjoy!!

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