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Warning- really cute photos ahead! I have done several shoots with these lovely little boys and this by far is my favorite! Not only are they just super adorable, but I recommended my favorite kids boutique to their mom, so she decked them out in head to toe (well, almost) clothing from Tough Cookies Childrens […]


Love, love, love this couple!! They are so sweet and we hit it off right away. Lisa was in a friends wedding that I did a few years ago so she was already a fan and knew what to expect with me. So, when I said will you “climb up there”, “lay down over here”, […]


I am loving senior sessions!!! I feel like I’m in a mini fashion shoot rather than out doing my job (which I still love by the way). Here is the lovely Cyn-Naara (who has the awesomest laugh)! She is now one of my senior reps / models.  I could have photographed her all afternoon!! Isn’t […]

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